When Visas Are Needed for Travel into & out of Russia, the MD Events Team is There to Help

Russian border stamps

Russian border stamps

Obtaining a visa for delegates from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus is an integral part in organizing business travel to many foreign countries. A visa is a permit that allows a foreigner to enter into a new country, and the type of visa needed depends on the purpose of travel. To participate in a meeting, delegates should get a “Business visa” which involves the collection of a large number of documents, both from the host and from the participants. Since most people do not want to spend their working and personal time on applying for a visa, they can easily appeal to the travel agent. However, when seeking visa support services from a travel agency keep in mind that even though they have established a good reputation for providing competent services, their price lists can be unpleasantly surprising.

The majority of events planned by MD Events Russia are pharmaceutical meetings, and when cooperating with pharmaceutical companies, we take into consideration a list of strict regulations concerning business travel for their employees, or for persons invited to their meetings. When planning a meeting and arranging visa support for its delegates, MD Events Russia appreciates the importance of the pharmaceutical standards by which our clients must abide. You can rest assured that in contrast to the usual travel agency, our team is working hard to provide all services on time and with a competent approach to work, while meeting your budget restrictions. MD Events also acts as an advisor to its clients when it comes to choosing the right venue for the meeting, as the differing nationalities of the participants can affect the cost of meeting in one country versus another: For example, the visa requirements for delegates from Russia and Ukraine are much less restrictive (and therefore less expensive) in the Consulate of Hungary than in Germany or Austria.

For a better understanding of the process, we would like to provide this basic step-by-step process of the visa support provided by MD Events:

– Approval of the budget;

– Compulsory clarification of visa documents required to obtain a visa to the country, as the Consulate may change the list of documents and the process of their submission;

– Informing delegates and the Client of the necessary documents required from both sides as well as the deadlines;

– Preparation of invitations for the Consulate;

– Arranging the accommodation and preparing official booking confirmations for the Consulate;

– Applying for a visa, visa status tracking;

– Courier delivery;

It sometimes happens that travel agencies refuse to provide services for visa support, if they feel that there is not enough time left before the trip and the Consulate will not deliver the documents by the deadline. MD Events has experience with situations where decisions were made about the delegates’ attendance at the last minute. In most cases we were successfully able to submit the documents to the Consulate a few days before their travel, and visas were issued on the day of the departure with passports being delivered to the airport just in time for take-off. Sometimes, it is not possible to make all arrangements within a couple of days because of the requirements of a particular country: For example, delegates from Ukraine or Belarus have to be interviewed at the Consulate to apply for a business visa to Italy—and that requires additional time and expense. In general, the process of obtaining a visa for those delegates takes up to a month so we would need to have all the necessary information about the delegates, as well as travel and accommodation arrangements, up to six weeks before the start of the conference. Another option that helps delegates to avoid having to appear in person at the Consulate is a tourism visa. It can reduce costs but is not always welcomed by the clients.

Since MD Events has such a thorough understanding of- and is able to plan for- the visa process, we can immediately inform our clients of all possible options to ensure that the maximum number of delegates can attend for the most reasonable price. To find out more about our services, please email info@md-events.com, or phone an office located within your region. Click here for our phone numbers and addresses.

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